Android 11 is live, here are the interesting features so far

NEW DELHI : Google released the next version of Android ahead of schedule late last night. This is the first time the first developer preview has been made public before March. The company generally releases previews for its operating system ahead of its developer event — Google I/O. Android 11, as the operating system will be called, […]


Travel plans hit by coronavirus

The Public Health Ministry’s new travel advisory for Japan and Singapore is sparking concern among Thai tourists, many of whom are asking tour operators to refund their tickets. The ministry on Tuesday advised people to delay travelling to Japan and Singapore while the two countries grapple with deadly coronavirus (Covid-19). Those who cannot avoid visiting […]


Special travel packages to Turkey on Women’s and Mothers’ Day

For this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8) and Mothers’ Day (May 10), the tourism department of Turkey and C World Holidays are jointly conducting tour programs for women from anywhere in the world to Turkey, covering Istanbul and Cappadocia among other destinations. This is a golden opportunity for women who wish to take a […]


NC lags in cutting inequalities in health care access Reduction in disparities is uneven

STOCK PHOTO North Carolina hasn’t made much headway in eliminating gaps in health care access. Two documents from the past month reflect the state of racial disparities in access to health care in North Carolina. A new report from the Commonwealth Fund, a health care policy nonprofit, showed that racial disparities in access to health […]


Coronavirus: How companies can handle employee travel in wake of deadly virus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines medium risk as being seated within six feet of a traveler with symptomatic laboratory-confirmed 2019-nCoV infection. Image: CDC As confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus hit 40,000, tech companies are revising travel policies and offering help to employees who may have been exposed to the virus. Martin Ferguson, […]


Travel Megatrends 2020: Gen Z Asserts Itself as Travel’s Next Big Opportunity

This year the oldest members of Gen Z will be graduating from college and taking up larger portions of the global workforce and population. This generation is already travel-savvy and heavily involved in trip planning. Large numbers of Gen Z travelers around the world soon will have the money and autonomy to take control of […]


Delete these nasty Android apps that can log in to your Google and Facebook accounts right now

No sooner did we report on Wednesday the presence of a new batch of scammy Android apps that had to be removed from the Google Play Store (but not before racking up some 382 million downloads), than yet another wave of such apps has emerged to be aware of. And to remove from your phone, if […]


Farai Simoyi from Netflix’s ‘Next In Fashion’ weighs in on that controversial streetwear episode

What does streetwear even mean anymore? That’s the question Netflix’s new competition series, Next In Fashion, tackled in a tense episode in which the two contestants who have the most experience in that category were up for elimination, and a guest judge walked off in protest. What started out as a creative and freestyle culture […]

Bike Reviews

Ride1Up 500 Series e-bike review: Could this be the best bang for your buck?

The Ride1Up 500 Series e-bike isn’t the fanciest e-bike I’ve ridden. It doesn’t have the nicest parts or the longest list of features. But it is a solidly manufactured e-bike with a powerful motor, high top speed, and bargain price of $1,099. Could this be the best bang-for-your-buck electric bike out there? Read on to find out… Ride1Up […]


MEA suspends travel from China on E-visas in a new travel advisory

Travellers with a history of travel to China from January 15 could face quarantine In recent developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, anyone with a travel history to China from January 15 could be quarantined, according to the latest travel advisory issued by the Ministry of Health on Sunday. The Ministry of Health has advised […]