CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips

Class 10 is the turning point in a student’s life which helps them in further achievements. The CBSE exams for class 10 are conducted all over the country. The marks obtained in the exams help them to choose a stream for a brighter career. The students can obtain a good academic score by regular practice and assessment.

The students can use RD Sharma Class 10 Maths Solutions while solving the exercise wise problems in the textbook. The solutions are prepared by experts in Mathematics keeping in mind the CBSE exam pattern and evaluation process. The first thing students should do is to solve the problems present in the textbook thoroughly. The important formulas and theorems can be noted down separately which can be revised on a daily basis.

After completely solving the textbook, the students can solve the previous year exam papers which help them understand the weightage of each topic. Practising huge number of problems mainly help students to self-analyse the areas which should be given much preference. Graphs and important figures must be given much importance as it helps in scoring good marks in the exam. CBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Papers contains problems which are based on the frequently asked questions in previous year exam papers. The students can obtain a better hold on concepts by practising the sample papers which are prepared by subject experts.

General Tips for CBSE Class 10 Preparation

1.Prepare a time table

The students should prepare a time table which gives equal importance to all the subjects. The difficult subjects can be studied during those times of the day when the students are more productive to grasp the concepts faster.

2.Importance to concepts based on weightage

The exam preparation should be done based on the CBSE exam pattern and weightage to each concept. So the important concepts should be practised well and revised on a regular basis to score well.

3.Revise regularly

The important formulas and shortcut tips which are noted down should be revised daily to remember them while solving the problems. This will help students to answer questions faster within the given exam duration.

4.Self-analyse the areas of weakness

The students by solving the examples and exercise problems present in the RD Sharma textbook can gain more conceptual knowledge. By doing this, the students can self-analyse the areas which require much importance from the exam point of view.

5.Work on previous year question papers

Solving the sample papers and previous year question papers makes the students familiar with the frequently asked questions. It will also help students boost confidence while answering the problems in the exam.

6.Relax and stay positive

A minimum of 8 hours sleep is required to relax our brain. So the students should relax by doing activities which keeps their mind productive and sleep well at night. Staying positive before appearing for the board exams helps students to answer the questions without fear.