After COVID, it shouldn’t be back to business as usual

Optimistic projections indicate that if we hold the line on the Covid-19 pandemic, the worst should be behind us by later this year. With several research groups across the world racing to shrink timelines towards effective vaccines and treatments, many hope we would soon be back to business as usual. That would be a mistake. […]


Travel Megatrends 2020: Gen Z Asserts Itself as Travel’s Next Big Opportunity

This year the oldest members of Gen Z will be graduating from college and taking up larger portions of the global workforce and population. This generation is already travel-savvy and heavily involved in trip planning. Large numbers of Gen Z travelers around the world soon will have the money and autonomy to take control of […]


Supari Studios names Shirley D’Costa as Chief Business Officer

Supari Studios has appointed Shirley D’Costa as the company’s Chief Business Officer. In her current role, D’Costa will be responsible for building partnerships with current and new clients, in addition to developing growth and marketing strategies to drive the business further. A MICA alumnus, D’Costa brings with her over 13 years of industry experience. Prior […]